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The Importance of Food Service December 15, 2015

fast food services in lineWe all know what it feels like to get your first real paying job when you are teenager. To earn your own money and do whatever you want with it basically declares your independence. All teenagers feel this way once they are earning their own money and doing what they want with it.

They have choices to blow their money or save it, most of the time they do blow it. Working that job teaches them the responsibility of money and of being an adult. My first job was in the graphic design industry where I focused on creating logos and designs for small businesses, not only was it a great experience but it also taught me responsibility.

I was 17 years old fresh out of high school I didn’t want to do anything but just relax. My mother kept nagging me to get a job so I could have my own money and help out with certain bills, food etc. I wasn’t happy about it but I did start to look around to see who was hiring. It was a slow start at first but I remained patient because I knew someone would eventually hire me to do something that they did not want to do.

After a couple of weeks of looking and no callbacks I seen a “now hiring” sign in a local convenient store close to my house. I filled out the application and was interviewed right on the spot. Next thing you know I was hired the next day believe, me I know it sounds too good to be true but it really happened that way.  I was hired as a food service worker/cashier my main title was food service worker. I only handled the cash register when my co-worker was on break or if the store got busy.

It was a local convenient store/sub shop for medical students, doctors, nurses, and many locals that lived in the area. I prepared many subs for many customers and I learned a lot as well. I never touched the customer’s food with my bare hands I also had my hairnet going on. Even though I wore gloves I always washed my hands before and after, that was the first rule of thumb when handling and preparing food. Once I was done with one customers order I would switch gloves immediately. Cross contamination happens a lot and most people don’t even know when it happens. This happens when you touch different meats and vegetables with the same gloves, you can cause cross contamination to appear and cause a bunch of sickness.

I was taught to use different cutting boards and knives for my meats and vegetables because of cross contamination. I never went to work when I was sick because of the germs that could spread to my co-workers and because of the food I was handling. The year and a half that I worked there taught me a lot about prepping food and handling food. I was taught many food safety polices during my time there as well. Even though I was just a teenager at the time I learned a lot from my first job. It was not only about earning and making my own money but also the importance of being educated on food safety. Educating yourself on the importance of food safety will be well worth it and valuable for all of your future customers.

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