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The Importance of Food Service December 15, 2015

fast food services in lineWe all know what it feels like to get your first real paying job when you are teenager. To earn your own money and do whatever you want with it basically declares your independence. All teenagers feel this way once they are earning their own money and doing what they want with it.

They have choices to blow their money or save it, most of the time they do blow it. Working that job teaches them the responsibility of money and of being an adult. My first job was in the graphic design industry where I focused on creating logos and designs for small businesses, not only was it a great experience but it also taught me responsibility.

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Taco’s For Everyone December 12, 2015

taco bell logoDo we all love Taco Bell? Well some of us do and some don’t. They have a variety things on their menu to choose from and it sure does make our mouths water. But for all those people who really really love Taco Bell please reconsider loving this place so much.

We always hear the stories about our favorite fast food place and what goes on under their roof. And yes do not believe everything you read, take it with a grain of salt and do your research. There have been stories out there about taco bell and I will touch on one of them now.

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Is Your Food Safe? December 7, 2015

Fast Food DietDon’t you just love when you are at work or school then lunch time rolls around, and you make your way to your favorite fast food restaurant. Or perhaps you’re out and about using a corporate car service Dayton Ohio and you decide to make a quick stop for some munchies. Either way, many Americans will answer yes with no hesitation to this question. It is so convenient to just grab your favorite meal from that one fast food place and just go.

Americans have that problem everyday which may be a contributor to a growing obesity epidemic. There is no specific prototypical model to avoid these fast food chains so it’s a constant battle. What we see is what we eat, there are more fast food restaurants on this planet than ever. Not only are we outnumbered but how safe are these fast food spots that we love so much?

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Chipotle’s Public Decline December 2, 2015

Salmonella Cells Under MicroscopeChipotle has had a rough stretch in recent weeks dating back to November, and the misery continues. The public are in a uproar about Chipotle and how they have been handling their sanitation practices. The outbreak of E.coli began in Oregon and Washington where at least 22 people were hospitalized after eating in one of the 43 locations in those two states. Concerns among

Americans created a environment of nervousness and push back, they wondered if their food was safe to consume anymore. As Americans we expect answers quickly, we like to think we should be able to track down and contain any bacteria that may be harmful. Even with all the cool new technology in the world, lasers, 3d printers, additive manufacturing and more, why can’t we have all the answers? Dollars may matter here more than you know.

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